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Ballet Shoes

Date: 18th June, 2022 

Venue: "Dance Theatre", T. Kosniuškos str. 11, Vilnius, Lithuania



For all dancers from 6 to 25 years around the world


To spread the love fo the art of Ballet and contemporary dance;

Discover talented dancers, give them  the possibility of participating in an international competition and being evaluated by a competent international jury;

Provide opportunity and motivation for every young dancer to strive for a personal result of the highest mastery, to gain stage experience;  

Unite the world of dance. Exchange of formal and informal comunication between students and teachers; 

Allow the student's artistic, physical, and psychological abilities to unfold. The dancer's preparation for the competition, performance and being on the scene provide an opportunity for a big step towards the mastery.

1st Private Ballet Academy in Lithuania

Prestige, quality, elegance

Part I. 


Date: 18th, 19th of June, 2022

Venue: "Dance Theater" ("Šokio Teatras"), T. Kosniuškos str. 11, Vilnius, Lithuania

Scene:  Professional scene 17 × 13 meters

Registration: takes place from 14th of February to 31st of May 2022, tickets can be purchased online  *registration is suspended after collecting the full number of participants


Part II


Ballet (classical dance)

Only classical Ballet movements, music and costumes are used.


Contemporary, neoclassical dance

The dances are based on a variety of modern, classical, 

jazz and and combinations of other dance styles techniques are used.



Part III


  • Solo (1 person)

  • Small group (2-6 people)

  • Large group (7 and more people)


Part IV



Ballet SOLO:

- Group 1  born in 2016

- Group 2 born in 2015

- Group 3 born in 2014

- Group 4 born in 2013

- Group 5 born in 2012

- Group 6 born in 2011

- Group 7 born in 2010

- Group 8 born in 2009

- Group 9  born in 2008-2007

- Group 10 born in 2006 and older.


Contemporary, Neoclassical Dance SOLO:

  • Group 1  born in 2013 - 2012

  • Group 2 born in 2011 - 2010 

  • Group 3  born in 2009 - 2008

  • Group 4 was born in 2007 and older


(small and large groups):

- Group 1  born in 2018 - 2016

- Group 2  born in 2015 - 2012

- Group 3  born in 2011 - 2009

- Group 4  born in 2008 and older.

* The age of the participants in the group must correspond to 80% of the age of the group.

Part V.


Ballet SOLO performers:

Dancers of all ages perform one or two variations:

classic, classic custom * or free variation.

* Adapted (modified) variation is a classical repertoire variation,

whose movements are facilitated / adapted to the performance of the dancer.

The best rated variation is awarded.


Performers of Contemporary, Neoclassical Dance SOLO:

  • Performs one or two dances.

  • The award is based on the result of the best rated variation.


  • Dancers of all groups perform classical dance of their choice.

Performers of the Contemporary, Neoclassical Dance GROUP:

  • All participants perform contemporary dance of their choice.


* The order of performance of the participants during the competition will be determined in random order by the system. The tenderer is registered upon receipt of the registration documents and the tenderer's fee by the organizers (see sections X, XI).

Part VI


When and whereto send the music?

Please send us the music until 1st of June to

What information do I need to include?

Provide First Name, Last Name and name of the dance. Please let us know when to start the music: before or after the dancer/s show up on the stage.

Music format?

Music must be in high quality mp3, wav, m4a, Flac formats

* Music is also required to have a CD-R or USB media contest

years. There must be one work on one medium.

Music duration?

- Ballet SOLO variations  - up to 1.30 min.,

- The duration of a classical repertoire variation is not limited,

- Contemporary dance SOLO - up to  2.30 min.,

- Duration of group dance - up to 3 minutes.

​​Part VIII


  1. Rūta Railaitė-Butvilienė - Ballet troupe's director at Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet theater.

  2. Eligijus Butkus - Ballet department manager at National "Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis"  art school.

  3. Živilė Baikštytė - Choreographer and ballet teacher at Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet theatre.

  4. Deimantė Karpušenkovienė - Commission chairwoman and classical dance teacher at National "Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis" art school. 

  5. Clara Giambino - Dancer, choreographer, teacher and previous dance member of Auros from France.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Technical mastery, control and coordination 1 - 20.

  2. Artistry, courage and individuality, costume, physical fitness  1 - 20.


Part IX


The strongest soloists are awarded with Gold,  Silver and  Bronze medals in each age group

The strongest groups will be awarded with the Trophy.  


All participants will be awarded with competition medals.

The strongest participants will also be awarded with the prizes from the competition sponsors.

Part X.



Registration may be stopped before the registration end date due to the full capacity of participants.

The capacity is limited and tickets will be distributed by first come, first served basis.

Registration is open from 14th of February to 31st of May

1. Please order a ticket online

2. Fill in the required  registration form depending on the type of ticket:

* The participant will be informed about his / her status in the competition by e-mail. Organisers hold the right to limit the amount of tickets distributed.


Part XI


For participants:​​

* The fee is not refundable 

For teachers:

Admission is free for teachers, please send the Name and Surname of the accompanying teacher to Unfortunately, parents are unable to accompany the children to the stage due to restrictions on the number of people.

For viewers:

One - day ticket € 10, two-day ticket purchase € 15. 

Viewers will be able to purchase tickets on the site.

For children up to 6 years old - admission is free (please have a child's proof of age).


Part XII.



Please do not take photos or videos, as this may disturb the performer. In order for you to fully enjoy the competition, we will take care of professional photos and video material, which will be available to purchase after the competition.  


Please do not applaud when the music is playing, please only applaud at the end of the performanceShouts of support are prohibited and are considered to the detriment of the performer. It is forbidden to give flowers to the performer on or near the stage during the competition, please, bring flowers only after the competition .

Part XIII.


We will answer your questions by e-mail or by phone:

Phone information:

+37068895270 (LT) 

+447743371383 (EN)

  +37069955516 (RU)

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