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Our mission is to teach classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance to the highest possible

standards. LTBA Academy offers a carefully crafted dance course combined with

an extensive academic program for children and lessons for adults.  

We are based in 2 biggest cities in Lithuania - Vilnius and Kaunas and

have two departments: Ballet and Contemporary Dance.



Offers academic classes for students from 6 to 12/13 years old and an internationally accepted classical Ballet diploma by "Vaganova" program at the end of the studying.

At the LTBA academy department, we focus on results: the quality of movement performance, physical strengthening, flexibility training, and creativity.


We prepare students for the local and international Ballet competitions and provide them with opportunities to compete with Ballet dancers all over the world. At the end of each academic year, students are assessed, a graduation diploma is awarded and they are transferred to a higher Ballet class.

Students over the age of 12/13 can continue their education in the "Advance" class until the age of 16.  

Our students are the only ones from the Lithuanian private Ballet schools who managed to enter the best Ballet schools in the world like "Ecole de danse de l'Opera national de Paris" in France, "Royal Ballet school" in UK, "American Ballet Theater Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School - ABT" and "Ellison Ballet" in USA.

1st Private Ballet Academy in Lithuania

Prestige, quality, elegance


Dance classes are open to all children from 3 to 18 years old. 

The main purpose of dance classes is to learn ballet choreography, to get to know about ballet in general, stage practice and to enjoy the learning process without achieving professional results.  

The dance department is a great place for children to discover themselves in the art of dance. Thanks to the cooperation of all school teachers, we can teach children in the highest quality. The dance lessons make students more graceful, physically stronger and healthier. They also develop their emotional, artistic, self-expression and interpersonal skills.

Every student in the Dance Department has the opportunity to be noticed and asked to join the Academic Department of LTBA.


The end of the school year is marked by the final Ballet performance on the big city stages.


"Prestige, quality, elegance.

Just words can not make You classic.

It lies in Your body, Your self-confidence and manners."


Contemporary Dance Department

For children from 9 years old and adults

Contemporary dance has a huge variety of techniques and they are constantly evolving, changing and emerging. Here, several dance styles come together - modern dance, ballet, jazz ballet, street dance and more.

We use the basic techniques of modern dance and we delve into the depths of contemporary dance, working on the self-expression through body 


We get familiar with the “floor-work” technique (or “Parterre” in Ballet terminology), which is an integral part of expressing an idea.


Department for Boys 

For boys from 6 to 12/13 years old. 

A Ballet artist is one of the most masculine professions, requiring not only excellent physical preparation, but also the ability to work in a team.  


Learning Ballet since childhood has formed a habit for boys to engage in regular physical activities, which are not only necessary to maintain great shape, but also very helpful in any sport. This is because endurance, flexibility, coordination and discipline are strongly developed during Ballet lessons.  


Later, this physical preparation is conveyed through an artistic prism - musicality, artistry, dance expression.  

We are proud to be the most popular private Ballet Academy for boys.


Our goal is to spread the love of dance to our students, to promote self-expression through movement, and to form a sense of self-confidence. We strive to create a meaningful time and a memorable childhood that leads to an elegant future.

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