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About us

We are the 1st private ballet academy in Lithuania.

We have been growing talents since 2009 and

we strive for quality at every step.


We are the 1st private ballet academy in Lithuania. We strive for quality at every step and have the best specialists who are united by the same goals and vision. 

Our goal is to spread the love of dance to our students, to promote self-expression through movement, and to form a sense of self-confidence. We strive to create a meaningful time and a memorable childhood that leads to an elegant future.



The history of LTBA began in 2009, when Eglė Špokaitė, one of the most famous international ballet stars, and Kristina Sliesoraitienė, a long-term expert in children's preparation and the author of a well-known infant-child program, joined forces and founded the "Eglė Špokaitė ballet school" in Vilnius (the biggest city in Lithuania). The school has grown steadily since the first year of the opening gaining great trust and popularity.


A few years later, in 2012, LTBA has opened in Kaunas (the second largest city in Lithuania).

In 2018, the school has changed its name to "Lithuanian International Ballet Academy".

In the same year of 2018, the Department of Contemporary Dance was opened.

"Prestige, quality, elegance. Just words can not make You classic.

It lies in Your body, self-confidence and manners."

We are honoured to be the most medal-winning private academy in Lithuania, from which students can continue their studies at the world’s best ballet schools, such as "The Royal Ballet School" or "The Paris Opera Ballet School". We are proud to be able to prepare physically and emotionally strong / healthy children who will be able continue life being self-confident and ready for any challenges.

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Quality at every step being LTBA standard, every house built to the level of highest international standards, we offer have large spaces and professional equipment.


Our mission is to educate dancers of classical ballet and contemporary dance to the highest possible standards. LTBA academy offers a carefully crafted dance course combined with an extensive academic program for children and lessons for adults.

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